pneumatron® for animals

Benefit from our experience in human medicine to provide the natural treatment of animals.

Just like humans, horses, cats and dogs also suffer from diseases of the joints, ligaments, tendons, musculature and bones. 

Deeply massage

A deeply massage and lymphatic drainage with the Pneumatron activate the self-healing powers of the animal organism and support the healing process.

The massage serves to

• stimulate the lymph system 
• activate metabolism 
• increase the movement radius
• improve performance

In this day and age, animals also have increased life expectancy. Correspondingly, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders and muscle degradation are a more frequent occurrence. The massage helps to keep joints and tendons suppler so that walks are more enjoyable especially for older animals.

The often sluggish metabolism and blood circulation are improved. In this way, you bring more joy into your pet’s life. Especially muscle massage done with the PNEUMATRON device has been shown to provide great relief.
Muscle massages, connective tissue massages or stress point massages that used to require considerable effort can now be carried out by therapists much faster and easier.

… and after surgery

Early scar treatment after surgery prevents postoperative adhesions and deformations of the muscle fascia. The aim of the massage is to improve muscle functionality and mobility.

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