Foundation pneumed GmbH

“The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time” (Edison)

Barbara Deny-Jahnke worked with great commitment to popularize pneumatic pulsation therapy with the Pneumatron in memory of her father, Stefan Deny.

The idea of her father for the construction and production of an innovative suction-wave-pulsation-system inspired Barbara Deny-Jahnke already in early youth. She grew up with this idea. Her father spent every free minute researching the perfect positive vibration frequency for his pulsation device. He then registered a patent for his invention.

Every new idea needs time to establish itself. There were no experiences with mechanically generated vibrations in tissue back then. Cupping was familiar; however, pulsation-based cupping was completely unknown at the time.

With her commitment and determination, Barbara Deny-Jahnke is inseparably linked with the success of pneumed GmbH. She never let herself be discouraged through all the years since the company foundation in 1993.

Today the company is an established brand in the healthcare market. The groundbreaking work done by Stefan Deny and Barbara Deny-Jahnke is of great use to many modern-day therapists and patients worldwide.

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