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Massage is one of the oldest medical healing procedures. The most widely known form of massage is the classic (Swedish) massage, which has been extensively researched and has also gained recognition in traditional medicine. It is performed worldwide by doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists and healthcare practitioners. Cupping therapy, performed by applying special suction cups, is also a traditional process, which traces its history back to ancient times and China.

The physician and inventor Stefan Deny (1922-1998) combined the two therapeutic procedures in the perfect way. He invented, developed – over decades of intensive research work – and patented the modern, easy-to-use equipment for pneumatic pulsation massage.

The aim of Stefan Deny was to reach the deeper layers of the tissue and to activate the body’s own regulatory mechanisms. He achieved this with a special device, which generates pulsating massaging movement on the body and stretches the tissue vertically from the inside to the outside, thus setting the tissue “in motion”.

Barbara Deny-Jahnke has been actively involved in promoting the idea of her father since 1993 and the establishment of pneumed GmbH. Nowadays modern pain research recognizes the importance of connective tissue and fasciae. Stefan Deny was a long way ahead of his time.

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